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20 Comments for 20 Beds

20 overnight beds will be closing at Thame and Marlow Community Hospitals. Here are 20 comments, and a link to more.

*Far too many beds closed already within the Trust – Suzanne Busby

*We cannot afford to lose a single bed in Bucks NHS Trust. Increased housing in the area MUST put additional pressure on infrastructure and staff , coupled with cuts to care in the community in Bucks is putting the health of local residents at great risk. – Paul Shorten, Aylesbury

*Closing Marlow and Thame seems to go diametrically against the expressed intentions in the budget speech to put money in to ease bed blocking.  The facilities are already there.  Don’t close them now in order to replace them shortly after. There is already a FAR TOO GREAT RELIANCE ON AMBULANCES IN BUCKS! – Agneta Taylor

*Marlow community hospital has been fantastic many of my family have had to use it over the years. I still remember visiting my Grandma and she was having a chat with another old lady she knew from years ago. And a lady in another bed I worked with in Burgers. True community hospital.

What Marlow offers is a way for family to visit their relatives without having to arrange transport to another town. As people get older they don’t always drive. My aunt was able to walk daily to visit my Uncle with terminal cancer –  Claire Carter

*To whom it may concern ,
Why on earth are you closing hospitals when we desperately need extra beds especially in the rehabilitation  sector. Keeping beds in places like MARLOW Cottage Hospital would release scarce hospital beds. Please save MARLOW Cottage Hospital – Mary Roderick

*It is imperative that the above [Marlow Hospital] maintains its inpatient facility. – Rosemary Parfett

*Frankly, I find it absolutely appalling that our hospitals are being treated with such contempt.  It is as if we have no need of them in the real world.

Please DO NOT take away any more of our much-needed facilities at ANY hospitals.  All the staff I have met, and that is quite a few over the past twenty years or so, are so hard-working and dedicated – why are you trashing their efforts?

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE CORRECT FUNDING IS IN PLACE AND CURB THE ABYSMAL WASTE, which has been apparent from the instigation of the NHS, when my father took a position as a group accountant, in 1948.

Of course there will be too much demand on the remaining A & E departments, when silly people at the top, with their own agendas, keep thinking they know better and close those near to where people need them.  A degree of intelligence would not come amiss in our so-important NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE. Most sincerely, – Mrs Catherine Branson, Marlow

*Open everything back up again including A&E, like it used to be. I’m fed up with traveling 17 and a half miles away to go to hospital when Wycombe General Hospital is right on my door step – Robert Charles

*My concerns with the almost closure of Wycombe General Hospital is because with all the houses being built in and around High Wycombe, we need a Hospital close at hand, it has always covered not just for High Wycombe itself but a wide radius to include other towns and villages.
Something has to be done to keep it up and running to its highest potential. Please keep it open –Valerie Ryder, Downley

*Having had my medical insurance increase by 50 % all because I had cancer and required tests, a major operation and follow up care. I will not be lining the pockets of this evil company, ANY MORE!!! I have been doing so, for over 30 years, with hardly any claims!!! Where are “they” when you need “them”???

I have joined this campaign NOT just for me BUT EVERYONE who relies on the brilliant, totally over stretched NHS. – Jil Runge, Wheeler End

*For God’s sake will somebody in NHS Authority recognise that with increasing local population we need a full blown Hospital including A&E. – Ralph Briars

*Bucks Hospitals Trust has been systematically closing and downgrading hospitals for years. In Wycombe we have seen the removal of A&E, closure of maternity services and now the downgrading of Marlow’s cottage hospital. It’s got to stop – John Barlow

*Dr Geoff Payne and the NHS have consistently lied to the people of Wycombe and Marlow. The NHS and Overview and Scrutiny committee are not looking after the people of Buckinghamshire. All the Scrutiny committee are doing is agreeing with officials. It’s about
time Steve Baker woke up and started fighting for the people of Wycombe. He is there to serve the people of Wycombe – Terry Price

*In my 28 years nursing experience I have seen all too often when ignorant, politically motivated bureaucrats try to hoodwink the electorate into saying that closure of Community hospitals are for sound economic reasons. But in fact the truth is that they are usually, really much better value for money, regardless of all the benefits to patients, staff and local jobs. There are plenty of examples cited in the professional journals; Kings Fund, BMJ, Nursing Press etc – Rebecca P

*I needed one of these respite places some time ago but was kept for days in a specialist ward where I was bed-blocking because there was not a space available.  – C.J.L

*30 years ago the NHS had 300,000 hospital beds. It now has 150,000! Community hospitals provide REAL CARE!! – Sara P

*Elderlycare seems to be the first place where cuts are made, yet these people deserve to have a service close to them after contributing to the NHS all there lives – Dan L.

*Because I worked in a local community hospital and am in despair – Sheila M

*My father was in ward 5b at Wycombe Hospital. He received excellent care and now the ward is being closed. Unacceptable for a community of the size of Wycombe for this to happen! – Kevin S.

*Community Hospitals are essential, especially for the elderly. I know this little hospital and it’s first class. – Yvonne C

Our petition:  No further downgrades of Buckinghamshire’s hospitals – including community hospitals reached its 1000 signature target in under 2 days! Further comments can be found on the petition.

Email = savewycombehospital@live.co.uk