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Downing Street Acknowledgement

Today, Monday 1st December, an eagerly awaited envelope with ’10 Downing Street’ on the back arrived. You can read the acknowledgment letter below.


The original letter to our Prime Minister can be read here: https://savewycombehospital.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/letter-to-our-prime-minister/

Reflecting back on our Downing Street visit three weeks ago, a highlight was the fact that Steve Hewlett and Arthur were recognised and photographed with our mosaic. People even asked about our hospital!

As we wait for a reply, please continue your much appreciated support for the cause, including:

-Helping to get more signatures on:


-Helping more posters go up as part of #HandsUpForAHandBack:

-Keeping your stories, offers of help, etc. coming in

Letter to our Prime Minister

On Sunday 9th November, Steve Hewlett and his puppet Arthur delivered our mosaic to Downing Street.  You can view the message printed on the back of our mosaic below.

Dear Rt. Hon. David Cameron,

This mosaic shows a community united, across the political spectrum and different backgrounds, in wanting services restored to Wycombe Hospital.  You are being asked to help us. Please:

  1. Restore Wycombe Hospital to a publically funded, fully functioning hospital with services including A&E and full maternity.

Since the downgrades at Wycombe hospital, which began in 2005, many people have suffered.

Neighbouring hospitals Stoke Mandeville and Wexham Park have been overwhelmed, with both having been in ‘special measures’ in the past year.

A town the size of High Wycombe, deserves services here, not only for our benefit, but for all those around us.

A minor injuries unit and midwife-led birthing centre, is not sufficient to sustain a population of 170,000 situated close to the motorway.

Our county, Buckinghamshire, has also received less funding per capita for our hospitals for a substantial amount of time now. Please ensure we also have the funding to restore services.

  1. Ensure the hospital land, given to Wycombe as a memorial to the Great War, is protected. This land on Queen Alexandra Road was given to the people of High Wycombe by the Carrington family to honour those that died and to care for women and children.
  1. Halt the downgrades to other hospitals up and down the country and ensure lessons are learned from what has happened here in High Wycombe.

The image on this mosaic consists of over 100 hand photographs received as part of the Hand Back Our Hospital Hand Campaign and includes celebrities.  There have been other sizeable petitions with 40,000 signing at the time of downgrades and thousands signing petitions more recently.


Our hospital land was a gift as a memorial to the Great War. At its centenary – please restore our vital services.

We look forward to your response,