Summary of Current Issues

A few notes below regarding current understanding

Wycombe Hospital

– We continue to fight for a fully functioning hospital including A&E, full maternity and overnight children’s services. The hospital currently has a Minor Injuries and Illnesses unit. This is going to be renamed an ‘Urgent Care Centre’ however according to the head of our CCG, we already meet the criteria for this, hence it won’t treat anything additional. We also have a cardiac and stroke unit, however seeing as we lost certain vascular procedures, there are concerns this will also eventually move to Oxford.
-The land at Wycombe hospital – particularly the Tower block is under threat. The Wycombe District local plan puts this, (as well as possible expansion) at risk, and we are awaiting for the ‘estates’ strategy to be published by the Trust. Bucks has been underfunded for a while and ‘estates’ appears on our STP plan. Being on a prime location, campaigners have feared for years that the site would be sold off. The central location of the site is important for many reasons, as is its history as a memorial to the Great War.
-Pathology is mentioned on our STP plan. If this is also centralised to a ‘hub and spoke’ model, it will make it harder to restore services. Could it also put current services at risk?
-We have services worth protecting and staff do a fantastic job

Community hospitals 
Marlow and Thame have lost their 24/7 wards to part time ‘hubs’. Once wards are closed it makes it much easier to close the hospital entirely. At present there are some outpatient services – these can easily be reduced without people realising. The lack of beds in the region is now impacting national patients as operations at the National Spinal Injuries Unit have been delayed due to general patients taking over their beds.
Buckingham and Amersham hospitals are now at risk of losing beds, following the failure (once again) of the Bucks County Council Scrutiny Committee to refer the issue to the Health Secretary.

Buckinghamshire and the NHS
-We already have a strong presence of the private sector in our local NHS. They appear to have a base at all of our community hospitals. Buckinghamshire is one of the first 8 selected to become ‘Accountable Care Organisations’. Campaigners fear that this is based on the American model and will lead to further privatisation of our NHS and rationing of resources. Underfunding of Bucks’ hospitals means we have already made downgrades and other hospitals are following suit. It seems as though with the loss of more beds being planned, our county is truly being left in the shadows.
GP surgeries are also at risk of closure and merging into larger surgeries/hubs putting more vulnerable people at risk due to difficulty of access.

Our hospital campaign remains whole community friendly/non partisan.

How can you help?
Don’t fall for words like ‘hub’, ‘super hospital’ !
Sign and share our current petitions: and

Write to your local politicians
Share your stories
Attend meetings and ask questions
Join our social media pages and share posts

1 thought on “Summary of Current Issues

  1. Marian Mulady

    Difficulty of access is already a problem and is a disincentive to obtaining treatment. We are becoming a third world country in health care. We used to marvel at the distances that people in under developed countries had to travel for health care but we are rapidly going down the same path with no excuse.


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