Protest from where you are for Buckinghamshire’s hospitals!

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As individuals, couples or groups, please send in pictures with your hand in the stop position. You can hold up a message if you wish, e.g. no more downgrades, reopen beds. These will be joined together to form one protest picture.

We all know there has been a shortage of beds in the region. An important meeting (HASC) is taking place on Tuesday 24th April which could result in even more bed closures across Bucks!

Please send your pictures and quotes by 3pm on Tuesday 24th April to, tweet to @HandBackOurHosp, post on our FB page:

We need you to actively take part and show that you care!

Let’s make it clear that we want downgrades to stop and our hospitals restored!

This is a whole community friendly, apolitical campaign.



This winter has once again shown there is a shortage of beds in our region. Oxford cancelled operations this year and national patients have been affected at the National Spinal Injuries Unit in Stoke due to general patients taking over their beds. On Tuesday, the Trust will be presenting a report on the future of our hospitals to the HASC committee (…). 20 beds were closed at Marlow and Thame for a community hubs ‘pilot’ and this seems set to continue and be rolled out to other local hospitals such as Amersham and Buckingham. This could mean even more bed closures in Bucks!! We have less beds in Bucks compared to last year and Ward 5B at Wycombe Hospital was closed fairly recently too. It’s inevitable that if you downgrade hospitals, others will be overwhelmed!
We must show that we do not support further downgrades of our hospitals and want beds at Wycombe, Thame and Marlow reopened!
As most can’t attend the meeting in Aylesbury, we are asking you to protest from where you are! 

FB event:

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