URGENT – Wycombe Hospital Land

Please sign and share these 2 open letters. Deadline Saturday 25th November 9pm

  1. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/expansion-of-wycombe-hospital-as-an-option-for-a-full-consultation-on-the-office-outlet-site?just_launched=true

2. https://www.change.org/p/protect-wycombe-hospital-land-planning-policy-team-wycombe-district-council

You are also welcome to analyse and write in to the local plan (https://www.wycombe.gov.uk/pages/About-the-council/Have-your-say/Consultations/Consultation-Publication-of-the-Wycombe-District-Local-Plan.aspx#DynamicJumpMenuManager_1_Anchor_1)Andrea Mosaic

6 thoughts on “URGENT – Wycombe Hospital Land

  1. Rosemarie Marshall

    Save wycombe hospital, there’s not enough hospitals in the area now without closing them.
    We desperately need medical accommodation and treatment areas.

  2. Susan Knight

    I use to live in High Wycombe, so easy to get too, especially people that can’t drive. Used by so many within /and on the outskirts of High Wycombe. Now that you have to travel to Stoke Mandiville . This hospital cannot house everyone, Thinking a head this hospital should remain open for the forseeable future. All the new builds going up, all the extra people moving to the area, make sence to keep it open. Build what is missing for the hospital, i speak on behalf of Wycombe for the Wycombe people.

    1. David Edwards

      We cannot stand back and watch OUR NHS Hospitals being taken from us having payed for them over many years and should be consulted on any proposals the NHS has for shutting them down this is are neared Hospital and we need this more facilities like this not fewer as we are in our eighties .

  3. Lynn Allen

    We need HW Hospital all departments there are morehouses being built and travelling to Stoke or Wrexham is a matter of life or death. We should take the opertunity to grab the land next to it, make it priority

  4. Peter Kemp

    With more and more people living in the High Wycombe catchment area, I consider it the height of irresponsibility to expect a community of this size to be effectively served by a pared-down NHS hospital. As others have noted, the many drawbacks of the journey to Stoke Mandeville make it a trip to be avoided, still more so when one is feeling unwell. And then there’s a good chance you’ll have to tussle with the inadequate parking facilities there. A friend of mine suffered a heart attack in Marlow and was taken by ambulance to Wycombe General. He made a full recovery, thanks a) to the excellence of the staff there and b) thanks to the proximity of the hospital. BUT his wife was told by one of the ambulance crew that he probably wouldn’t have survived if the ambulance had instead had to travel to Stoke Mandeville.

  5. Wanda Brown

    Wycombe District has to build 10,000 homes by 2025, by order of the Government. But Wycombe District does not have a fully functioning General Hospital. We have to travel to Stoke Mandeville in Aylesbury Vale or Wexham in Slough. Now, those two areas will also be under pressure to build many thousands of homes by the year 2025. It is utter madness that Wycombe Hospital is getting smaller. Being so close to a major motorway network junction, it seems ludicrous that the nearest major town to this motorway network does not have, not on a fully functioning A&E Department, but a State of the Art A&E.


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