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A river runs through it- an open letter

Dear Cllr Gaffney,

I hope you are in the best of health.

I understand that opening up the river in our town centre is currently being discussed.

I’d be grateful if you could answer the following questions:

  1. What will the short term and long term effect be on our Fire station
  2. What will the short term and long term effect be on the flyover
  3. What will the short term and long term effect be on our hospital and the viability of its location

As someone who loves rivers, I should find myself excited at the prospect. However, I feel deeply concerned. My understanding was that the flyover had been given another 20 plus years of life so we’d have at least a couple more years reprieve before this issue resurfaced. Sending more traffic past our hospital seems nonsensical. The flyover would at least provide some movement through the town if there was an accident or work needed on Queen Alexandra Road. I fear our town will be thought of as ‘High Wycombe, a river runs through it, but we avoid it because it’s a nightmare to go anywhere near the town centre’, thus killing more local businesses too.

But as you know the thing I worry about most is the impact on our hospital.

As you know from past emails, our hospital land was given to the people of High Wycombe as a memorial to the Great War. It should only be hospital on that land.

I look forward to your earliest response which will be sent to people copied in and published on the Save Wycombe Hospital blog. Also, please would you keep me updated with any future council meetings relating to this.

Kind regards,





Hi Ozma,

It is always lovely to hear from you and I trust that you are well.

At this very early stage no decisions have yet been made regarding the river….that is why I have set up a Task & Finish Group to examine and consider every aspect. Everything will be considered.

Just be patient and “watch this space”

Best wishes

Cllr Ron Gaffney

Questions regarding Marlow/Thame

Dear Cllr Roberts and HASC members,
The petition reached it’s 1000 signature target in under two days and was submitted during March this year. However, as signatures continued to grow during the pilot, a new target of 3000 was set and this has been reached.
We understand that at your HASC meeting on Tuesday, you will be assessing the Community Hub pilot against the following targets:
–          double the number of outpatient appointments offered at Marlow and Thame
–          see 350 patients through the one-stop frailty assessment clinic
–          provide intermediate care to over 3000 people
–          avoid almost 300 hospital admissions
–          manage almost 20,000 referrals through the single point of access
In regards to the above, please note the following points:
The targets listed don’t appear to measure the impact on carers and how they are being monitored. How is this being assessed? As prevention is a key aim of the CCG and local health bodies, and many carers are patients or elderly themselves, this seems a fundamental flaw if we are looking to avoid hospital admissions and other impacts on health and well-being.
There is no mention of how where patients who would have used beds at Marlow or Thame are being sent is monitored, how far this is from their homes and their experiences/outcomes
There is no mention of staffing levels
There is no breakdown of additional staff costs in travelling to patients’ homes or to the hub.
Is a daily ward round by highly qualified GPs being replicated for these patients who would have used beds at Marlow and Thame?
How is any admission avoidance really being assessed?
Is there any way of knowing for certain that patients seen have not also required hospital care?
What are the stats for other hospital wards in the region?
Have A&E waiting times and performance figures improved since the start of the pilot?
What are the stats for the number of care home places? How many patients have been admitted to hospital from care homes and how does this figure compare with before the pilot?
How many overnight care packages have been provided and how does this compare with before the pilot? Are the staff providing overnight care in patients’ homes of the same grade as were in Marlow and Thame community hospitals?
How are the number of GP appointments being monitored?
Is there any way of knowing for certain that patients seen have not also required hospital care?
A meeting was requested by the campaign at the start of the pilot, so that residents could air their concerns, ask questions and discuss the metrics of the pilot however this was not provided.
The issue with cladding at Oxford’s John Radcliffe will have resulted in less hospital beds in the region. Patients at Stoke Mandeville have been on trolleys over the summer period, and winter without much needed beds is a real concern.
In light of the above, it is important that HASC members make their concerns known, request a return of the 20 beds to Marlow and Thame hospitals and refer the matter to the Health Secretary. The public should be fully consulted with regards to any changes of how their hospitals are to be used, this has not happened, and many residents are still unaware of the changes. Moreover, the pilot cannot successfully state that hospital admissions have been avoided, and therefore has failed in an overall aim.