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Action needed to Save Children’s Centres in Buckinghamshire!

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35 children’s centres are due to be closed and replaced by 9 ‘hubs’ in new proposals from Buckinghamshire County Council. Despite the text in the document, the move is a financial one and will make it difficult for people to access help and support in their local communities. Well established, ‘safe places’ like children’s centres are key in helping people access early help and support in order to prevent issues escalating. Other services this will affect include:

  • Bucks Family Information Service
  • Advice and support for young people through Connexions (Adviza)
  • Early Help coordinators
  • Families First
  • Family Resilience
  • Support for children who have lived with Domestic Violence (Refuge and Outreach) (Women’s Aid)
  • Support for parents through Barnardo’s
  • Young carers support
  • Youth Services

These existing services for 0-19 year olds and their families will be brought under one umbrella. It seems ‘the Councils’ resources will be focused on enabling the conditions in which our communities can prosper’ – enabling conditions by taking things away? Once again it is the most vulnerable who will be affected by these decisions.

*Please respond to the ‘consultation‘ by filling in the form here:

Please click ‘yes’ on this survey monkey so that the number of responses can be monitored and used to challenge figures if need be:

Deadline 16th October

*Please also write to your MP

‘Decisions will be made and taken to the Cabinet on the 23rd October
There will then be a “call in” period lasting 4 days during which local MPs have an opportunity to question or object to the plans.’ Therefore please contact your MP.

You can read the full proposal docs here:

And learn more about your local children’s centres here:

Thank you

Image from Bucks FIS

Image from Bucks Family Information Service. Children’s centres in Bucks

‘Must we sell everything?’ ‘Won’t somebody think of the children?’