Our community has lost a legend


Never having met any of my grandads (they both died before I was born), I think I can be forgiven for adopting Terry Price as a grandad figure once I realised he was the same age as gran would have been. Caring, passionate, honest, knowledgeable, willing to stick up for his rights and for others, he had all the traits I would want in a grandparent. (I told him this a couple of times, but the last time I saw him I mentioned it in person and got a ‘thanks Ozma’ with a smile and twinkle. Sorry Terry!) He would mix the right amount of advice and praise with an occasional scolding. For example, a few months ago at his house, he told me I should sign off letters with ‘on behalf of Buckinghamshire’. I laughed, thinking ‘Who am I?’ to sign off in such a way, and got a telling off. I’ll miss being able to pick up the phone and seek his advice and wisdom. In the past year I sought it in regards to vascular services and Marlow hospital. His stance included that the scrutiny committee needed to be ‘lambasted’ as they have the power to refer to the Health Secretary. I remember a conversation about Councillors and asked him why he wouldn’t stand (he would have gotten my vote had I lived in his patch!) I remember him saying he was too forthright to be a politician. I know the Buckinghamshire community have lost an amazing man. However, I know we have gained from his sacrifices and everything he taught us, having given so much energy and time to local causes. He was a gem in our community, along with Mrs Mary Mitchell (who also sadly passed away a little while back), and will be sorely missed. My heartfelt and sincere condolences to his friends and family.
Thinking about the campaign ahead, we have an awful lot against us, including what feels like the deliberate destruction of our NHS. We need people on every level to speak up for our NHS. But we have an amazing community and I know if we work together, there isn’t anything we can’t achieve.
Going through my WhatsApp messages (he asked me if I was on WhatsApp, a man in his 80s, wasn’t he amazing!) I found one of my messages from Terry in April. ‘Don’t forget Ozma, go for the throat’. You’ll be missed Mr Price xx




2 thoughts on “Our community has lost a legend

  1. Andy

    A special man indeed!
    He did so much for so many including the Korean Vets and Fire Service
    I’ll miss him too

  2. Michael du Pré

    A great campaigner. He will be missed.
    There a not many the likes of him. My condolences to the family.
    Michael du Pre
    Marlow Bottom


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