West Wycombe Mausoleum turning purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month

Below is a press release about the Dashwood Mausoleum turning purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month

The Dashwood Mausoleum to turn purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

The Dashwood Mausoleum in West Wycombe is taking part in Pancreatic Cancer Action’s turn it purple campaign on 1st November in aid of pancreatic cancer awareness. The building will shine purple to mark Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

By turning purple, it will help generate discussion and awareness of pancreatic cancer and its symptoms. Every year, almost 9,000 men and women will be newly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and due to late diagnosis, they will be faced with a shockingly low three per cent chance of survival and an average life expectancy of just three to six months.

Sir Edward Dashwood from the West Wycombe Estate said: “We are looking forward to taking part in “Turn it Purple” this year and hope it will create a lot awareness for pancreatic cancer. You should be able to see the building lit in purple from miles around and we hope that you will support the cause.”

Pancreatic Cancer Action’s “Turn it Purple” campaign calls for businesses and individuals to highlight the fifth deadliest cancer in the UK by embracing purple – the symbolic colour for pancreatic cancer – by shining purple lights on buildings or other structures in their community, and for supporters to wear something purple at the office, at home or at school.

Pancreatic Cancer Action aims to raise awareness and funds of pancreatic cancer to drive earlier diagnosis and more effective treatments for pancreatic cancer.

Ali Stunt, CEO at Pancreatic Cancer Action, said “Each year we are overwhelmed by the huge numbers of supporters who embrace the colour purple to raise awareness. We are delighted that Dashwood Mausoleum are taking part. It’s thanks to their participation that the event will become a success and more people will become aware.

To take part in turn it purple or to find out more about pancreatic cancer please visit www.pancreaticcanceraction.org.

Details for donating can be found here: https://pancreaticcanceraction.org/support-us/donate/ Tweet in your pictures to #PurpleLightsUK

Thank you to Sir Edward Dashwood and the team at West Wycombe Estate for helping to raise awareness for Pancreatic Cancer.

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