Some pictures and videos from our protest rally

…Work in progress…


Thank you to Stephanie Sutton @ for the above image! And the fantastic Singlamarket business services and Trotskee Travel for our banner!


A really big thank you to everyone who helped with our protest rally on Saturday 22nd October 2016, and everyone who has supported the cause so far!

The event details can be found here:

We had a range of campaign supporters speaking at the event. Some were planned beforehand and other attendees were given the opportunity to speak.  Passionate voices were heard, staff were praised and patient experiences were shared.

Here are the first two speakers, thank you to the talented @lynnedjones for capturing them!

And here is a patient experience that was shared:

Thank you to  Sarah-Jane Searle (Instagram @sjsearlephotography) for these images, more to follow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

”With Wycombe hospital being one of the first to face downgrades, it began to feel like we were being pointed at whilst other hospitals fast follow suit in losing key departments. We have, and must continue to say ‘not in our name.’ ”

Were you there? Please feel free to email comments to

Some of the media mentions will be added here:

Here’s a few ways you can help at this moment in time:

The petition remains live:
You are invited to continue to help raise the profile of the campaign by displaying a poster in your windows (see home page) and submitting pictures with your hand in the ‘stop’ position as part of the picture protest #HandsUpForAHandBack. These can be as individuals, small or large groups. The hand campaign is about zooming out and uniting the community and not aimed at anyone in particular.

You are also encouraged to ask questions and attend local meetings (see home page).

Please also sign this important petition:

More to follow, this page is a work in progress, thank you!

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