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Downing Street hand-in 20th May 2016

Our 10,000 strong petition was handed in by ‘Trust Me I’m A Doctor’ presenter Dr Saleyha Ahsan! Thank you all very much for your help to get there!!

Here are some pictures from the day:


The letter to Chancellor George Osborne reads:

Dear Rt. Hon George Osborne,

Please find the enclosed 10,046 signatures to the following text:

“We ask you to ensure that Buckinghamshire not only receives the national average in funds, but we also receive enough public funding so that key services are restored to Wycombe Hospital.
For a substantial amount of time now, Buckinghamshire has received less funding per capita than most of the country for our hospitals. This ‘cash-starving’ or ‘squeeze’ contributed to downgrades at Amersham and Wycombe hospitals and our Trust has recently been in ‘special measures’.
Since the downgrades at Wycombe hospital, many people have suffered and neighbouring hospitals have been overwhelmed.
Staff, patients and their loved ones deserve better.’’

Please note the following facts.
This petition is endorsed by many celebrities, has regional support, has received support from an array of politicians, all 7 local MPs have shown some level of support, and staff from neighbouring hospitals are rooting for it to do well.
High Wycombe, a town with good motorway links, has a population of over 170,000 and with new housing being built, the population in Buckinghamshire is set to rise. Chiltern CCG commission services for 320,000 people and yet within that we don’t have an A&E, full maternity and children’s services.
HS2 construction is likely to cause congestion on an already difficult journey to our neighbouring A&E Stoke Mandeville. The main route to this hospital was flooded in 2014. A fire at this hospital whilst dealt with quickly also demonstrated a flaw in mass centralisation of services.
These signatures were collected on the Campaigns By You website.
Yours sincerely,
Miss Ozma Hafiz



A 3rd letter was also sent to our Prime Minister


Dear Rt. Hon. David Cameron,
This mosaic shows a community united, across the political spectrum, in wanting services restored to Wycombe Hospital. You are being asked to help us. Please:
1. Restore Wycombe Hospital to a publically funded, fully functioning hospital with services including A&E and full maternity.
Since the downgrades at Wycombe hospital, which began in 2005, many people have suffered.
Neighbouring hospitals Stoke Mandeville and Wexham Park have been overwhelmed, with both having been in ‘special measures’ and ‘black status’ in recent years. Thousands of new homes have been planned for Buckinghamshire and it is important that we have adequate resources with the rising population.
HS2 construction will make an already difficult journey to Stoke Mandeville more congested. In 2014 the main route to Stoke was flooded. In 2013 a fire at Stoke Mandeville hospital, whilst dealt with quickly, demonstrated a flaw in mass centralisation of services.
A town the size of High Wycombe, deserves services here, not only for our benefit, but for all those around us.
A minor injuries unit and midwife-led birthing centre, is not sufficient to sustain a population of over 170,000 situated close to the motorway. Chiltern CCG commission services for 320,000 people and yet within that we don’t have many resources including an A&E, Dr-led births or overnight children’s services.
Last year Healthwatch reported that for many residents, the stress, anxiety and cost associated with getting to appointments has become a major issue.
Our county, Buckinghamshire, has also received less funding per capita for our hospitals for a substantial amount of time now. Please ensure we also have the funding to restore services. A petition of 10, 000 signatures has today been sent to the Chancellor.
2. Ensure the hospital land, given to Wycombe as a memorial to the Great War, is protected. This land on Queen Alexandra Road was given to the people of High Wycombe by the Carrington family to honour those that died and to care for women and children. There are concerns about its future.
3. Halt the downgrades to other hospitals up and down the country and ensure lessons are learned from what has happened here in High Wycombe.
The image on this mosaic consists of over 100 hand photographs received under the banner ‘Hand Back Our Hospital’ and includes celebrities. Our campaign has had regional support and support from politicians and staff. There have been other sizeable petitions with 40,000 signing at the time of downgrades and thousands signing petitions more recently.
Our hospital land was a gift as a memorial to the Great War. At its centenary – please restore our vital services.
We look forward to your response,
With regards,


Thank you once again for all your help getting this far.

We’re not done yet, next stop the Department of Health! Please keep the signatures coming, our petition will remain live, and join in with our Hand Campaign – details here:

Hands up if you think we deserve better!

Join in with the next phase of #HandsUpForAHandBack. We’re making a mosaic to show that we want downgrades to stop and services restored!

Anyone who would ideally like to restore services to Wycombe Hospital and protect what we have is welcome to join in with the next phase of #HandsUpForAHandBack by sending in photos via email and social media. If you’d like a poster these can be downloaded here:

The hand works in two ways. We’re saying ‘stop’ and putting our hands up for a ‘hand back’ of lost services. This is an apolitical, community friendly campaign.

You’re welcome to send in quotes with your photo with why you support the cause.

Tweet: @HandBackOurHosp with #HandsUpForAHandBack Email:  or post pics on FB:

The latest petition can be signed here: It will remain live until we get a satisfactory response. Please keep the signatures coming. Next stop the Department of Health!

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