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Open letter to Steve Baker MP – December 2015

Dear Steve,
I hope you are well. It’s been a while since the elections now and I hope you could clarify a few things for us.

Firstly, BHT have this on their website: ‘There are plans afoot for the redevelopment of a number of departments, notably inpatient accommodation, to improve the environment throughout the hospital’. I wondered if you had further information and also how this fits in with your suggestions for Wycombe Hospital?

Secondly, as stated in my email to you earlier this year (
what reassurances can you give that should you succeed in getting Bucks County Council to pay off the PFI debt, that hospital land would not be sold off?

Thirdly, please would you clarify how your concept of mutualisation differs from what has occurred at Hinchingbrooke?

Any redevelopments of the Wycombe Hospital site need to involve staff, patients and the general public FROM THE START. I’m sure that you agree with me that our local area has had enough sham ‘consultations’ for a lifetime.

Speaking of ‘consultations’, a letter was meant to have been sent out to patients about Lynton House closing. I would like to ask what support you can give to keep Lynton House open. I am sure you appreciate that there are elderly patients who chose Drs surgeries local to their places of residence so that they can easily potter in. I have concerns that these patients will now wait longer to see their GPs, and therefore present sicker when they do seek help.

Kind regards,

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Open letter to Steve Baker MP – April 2016

Dear Steve,

I hope you are well. I know that you have received more communication from me with regards to Lynton House Surgery since our last open letters, but I would just like to stress that Lynton House should not close. It is apparently not too late for you to voice concerns/champion this, please do so as a matter of urgency, as I understand it a final decision has not yet been released and is due to be very soon.
I can appreciate why Wycombe Hospital would appear to be a sensible second choice for some surgery clinics, familiarity of the location being one reason, however closure of the surgery may present a barrier to patients accessing primary care. This, as you know, can impact A&Es and can be more costly to the NHS in the long run. You will have received my other points about the (lack of) Equality Impact Assessment, elderly patient crying etc, so I won’t repeat these. On the Lynton House website, Page 6 of the document, clearly states that ‘There is adequate disabled access. The building is safe and accessible.’ I really don’t believe the building to be the real issue here. Please do all that you can to prevent this closure.

I know you have campaigned for vascular services in the past and wondered if you could provide an update of the situation. Obviously services that have a better outcome at Wycombe should not be moved to Oxford. And any further moves should have a full, open and transparent consultation with keeping services here as an option.

Lastly I don’t feel all the questions in my previous letter dated December 2015 have been answered. I hope to write a more detailed message soon.

Kind regards,