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Threats to Our Hospital Site?

Our hospital land was given to the people of Wycombe as a memorial to the Great War, to honour those that died, and to care for women and children. A price simply cannot be put on the benefits of having our hospital in the town centre.  You’re welcome to add your thoughts on the importance of it’s location on this blog page:

Fears over the hospital site have been ongoing for some time now, particularly the Tower Block area. Some claim it will become a car park, others are concerned that the land will be sold, possibly for development of housing in the town centre.

IMG_3678 (2)

Sign metres away from our hospital


The MP for Bracknell had the audacity to calculate how much our hospital land was worth in his ‘Royal Thames Valley Hospital’ document [1]

A report by Durrow [2] who were commissioned by our own MP makes claims about the Tower Block ‘nearing the end of its life’ however there is no mention of replacing it with a building of equal capacity, and no links to evidence to support this.

During his election campaign, our MP stated that he would be exploring buying out the ‘expensive privately-financed hospitals across the county’.  Whilst removing the hideous PFI debt would be a welcome move, could this potentially put at risk the area of land with the newer hospital building? At the moment it could be argued that the debt on that building is what is keeping our hospital where it is.

More recently, Bucks Healthcare have snuck in the sentence ‘There are plans afoot for the redevelopment of a number of departments, notably inpatient accommodation’ on their website, however they fail to provide any further information, despite reassurance at a recent HASC meeting to patients that no changes would be made without involving them.

It’s important that a full assessment report of the Tower Building is put into the public’s hands. We’ve all heard rumours about issues it has, but why can’t it be revamped like the college building which is of similar age?

college facelift

And if this really is not possible, then a building of equal capacity needs to be built on the hospital site BEFORE the tower block is removed. This is surely possible if done in stages.

‘Care in the community’ is a phrase that’s bandied about in order to justify removal of hospital beds. However even if successfully implemented, with an increasing population there is still the need for a building with the Tower Block’s capacity. In fact only last year did a patient claim to be kept on a mattress on the floor due to a shortage of beds.

Any redevelopments of the Wycombe Hospital site need to involve staff, patients and the general public from the start. Our local area has had enough ‘sham’ ‘consultations’ for a lifetime!

Importantly, our hospital site must be protected.  If there really are no ‘vested interests’ there will be no issue with keeping hands off our hospital land.




Email to local councillors – Wycombe Hospital and the Great War

Dear Cllrs
Whether this was your first time standing or you are returning to your seat, congratulations on being elected to Wycombe District Council. I have admiration for anyone who puts themselves through the process in order to improve the lives of our local population.

As we remember the Great War this week, I would like to turn your attention for a moment to our hospital.  The land on Queen Alexandra Road was given to the people of High Wycombe by the Carrington family to honour those that died in the Great War and to care for women and children.

Not only is the hospital site steeped in history but a price simply cannot be put on the value it’s location brings to the local community, whether it’s for staff, volunteers, patients, their loved ones and carers.  Being in the town centre can be the difference between having to take one bus or two, which in itself can have a big impact on people. The hospital is within the shop mobility boundaries.  It’s closeness to the town centre has a big positive impact on staff and the local businesses.

I’ve included a few reasons why the location of our hospital is important in this short blog, please spare a moment to have a read and you are welcome to leave a comment with your own reasons.

Oftentimes it has felt as though decision makers have forgotten that patients are in fact ill, and that their loved ones may not be 100% healthy themselves.
I’m sure that in your time as a Councillor you will face many pressures. However I’m also sure that you understand the importance of the hospital’s location and will ensure that the land is protected and used for the purpose for which it was given to the people of Wycombe – to care for the health of the local population in memory of those that lost their lives in the Great War.

The latest petition is now at 8000 signatures and I would appreciated it if you would sign and share the link: I know some of you already have and many thanks for this.

You’re also welcome to join us on Facebook and Twitter (links below) and to get in touch with anything that can help our cause.

Best wishes,

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