2nd Mosaic to Our Prime Minister

help mosaic

On Saturday 25th April, the ANZAC centenary, a second mosaic was sent to the Prime Minister, asking for his help. The mosaic depicts our hospital buildings and is made up of hand photographs submitted to the Hand Back Our Hospital Hand Campaign last year.  It includes an image of a blue hand in the form of the British Sign Language symbol for ‘help’.

The message on the back of the mosaic, sent to Downing Street as a postcard, echoes the words sent to the Prime Minister last year, with the concluding sentence ‘Our hospital land was a gift as a memorial to the Great War. At its centenary – please restore our vital services.’’

It includes the three requests: 1) Restore Wycombe Hospital to a publically funded, fully functioning hospital with services including A&E and full maternity.

2) Ensure the hospital land, given to Wycombe as a memorial to the Great War, is protected.

3) Halt the downgrades to other hospitals up and down the country and ensure lessons are learned from what has happened here in High Wycombe.

Additionally, the message also includes the fact that both Stoke Mandeville and Wexham Park were in ‘Black Status’ this winter and that a 6000 strong petition has been sent to the Chancellor.

2015-04-25 14.20.07 (1)

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