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Call for a Referendum on Health

An open letter to Chief Executive and Director of WDC – Karen Satterford, 18th February 2015

Dear Karen Satterford,
I have been campaigning for several years to reinstate Wycombe Hospital to a much needed fully functioning hospital with services including A&E, a full maternity unit with SCBU, and overnight children’s services.

This open letter is a request that in the coming May 7th elections, we use the already set up polling stations to have a referendum on Health services.  Vote counters and ballot boxes will already be in place so it would come at very little cost and give the local population a chance to show what they really want for our hospital on Queen Alexandra Road.

Several times in my journey as a campaigner I have heard that the public were ‘fully consulted.’ However when you speak to people, they do not feel listened to and for this to be the case. With only one option given at the ‘Better Healthcare in Bucks’ ‘consultation’, decisions have been made about hospital services by unelected bodies such as the PCT and CCG.

A referendum on health would give the service using public a chance to show their views on the changes that have occurred to our hospital and put to bed the myth that the public have been consulted. It would also complement well the recent work that the Improvement and Review Commission at Wycombe District Council have done, where they wanted to hear views from the public.

We would be willing to work with you and other campaigners in forming the question and feel it’s time a referendum was facilitated.
We look forward to hearing from you soon,
Kind regards,

Miss Ozma Hafiz
SaveWycombeHospital @HandBackOurHosp

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Location, Location, Location/ Where The Heart Is…

Image adapted from Google Maps

Image adapted from Google Maps

Our hospital land’s history was briefly mentioned in the letter to our Prime Minister (1) and we can learn more from Blogger Ivor (2) who states: ‘The people of Wycombe should not forget that the first hospital built on the Marlow Hill site was the Cottage Hospital paid for by the people of Wycombe to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War. Indeed the plaques commemorating the fallen from High Wycombe and surrounding villages are still on display by the main entrance door of the modern day hospital.’  

Further detail on our hospital’s history can be found in Frances Alexander’s comment:


On a personal level, having used the hospital with various different hats on, I can think of several reasons why its location is important to me. For example, it’s proximity to the bus station and being just one bus journey away from home facilitated being able to work independently as a young teenager in the role of a volunteer.  A handful of times I was able to complete a Sunday shift whilst employed by the NHS and jump on a train straight back to university. At the time, the Occupational Health department was on the hospital site and we could just nip in for our appointments. Whilst Cressex is only a short distance away, you can’t help but wonder the extra amount of time taken off work now, particularly by those who don’t drive.

Small things like being able to pop into town after work and pick up a present or bits for dinner add up and can make a difference.  The NHS is one of our largest employers. The convenience of being close to Wycombe’s town centre facilities can’t really be measured and surely impacts positively on the economy.

With many people employed in the town centre, our hospital’s location has a positive effect on them too. The difference of being able to spend longer at work on a day of a hospital appointment as you’re only walking distance away, or being able to pop in on a poorly relative, without adding the strain of an additional bus journey.

But as ever, this isn’t about me, and while I could go on typing about the reasons why I think our hospital’s location is important, it’s time to hear more from you. Please feel free to add your reasons, some collected on Facebook can be viewed below.

*Why is it important to you that our hospital is located on Queen Alexandra Road?*


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