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Hand Video

A closer look at some of the messages in our hand mosaics.

Thank you to everyone who took part.  If you’d still like to, you can send in a hand for our ongoing mosaic:

DoH Response

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Above is a response from the Department of Health. Looking forward to sending a reply in the new year. As ever, comments and suggestions welcome.

*Bigger, better, stronger. ‘2015’*

Downing Street Acknowledgement

Today, Monday 1st December, an eagerly awaited envelope with ’10 Downing Street’ on the back arrived. You can read the acknowledgment letter below.


The original letter to our Prime Minister can be read here:

Reflecting back on our Downing Street visit three weeks ago, a highlight was the fact that Steve Hewlett and Arthur were recognised and photographed with our mosaic. People even asked about our hospital!

As we wait for a reply, please continue your much appreciated support for the cause, including:

-Helping to get more signatures on:

-Helping more posters go up as part of #HandsUpForAHandBack:

-Keeping your stories, offers of help, etc. coming in